Everybody panic!

Warning: this is my little rant about the death of common sense – sorry, need to vent. We travelled internationally on Dec. 24th. As you may remember, that idiot Islamic extremist tried to explode his underwear a day or two later while en-route to the U.S. In spite of the fact that everyone acknowledged he acted alone and it was an isolated incident, the people in charge of the much-reviled TSA and/or Homeland Security (led by Janet Napolitano, who I used to like) did what government does best… jumped around, flailed its arms and screamed ‘Yaaaaaa – we’re fucked!!!’ Because they had to be perceived as doing something besides screaming and flailing, they also implemented a bunch of needless and idiotic new restrictions on airline flight into the U.S., such as:

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The importance of math skills

We were in Vancouver, Canada for the Christmas – new year week. We had a great time and that’s a whole other post, but a visit to a Tim Hortons sticks out in my mind. For those south of the border, Tim Hortons is a Canadian institution… a franchised coffee/donut/snack shop slash goldmine. So there we were, travelling around the Vancouver area doing some sightseeing, and we stopped at a Timmie’s for a break. I ordered two coffees and an assortment of Tim bits – little deep fried nuggets of glazed goodness – and my total was something like $12.14. I handed $20.25 to the high-school age girl behind the till, and to my surprise the register showed the change as $17.11. She handed me a fistful of bills and coins, so I told her she gave me too much. I got a blank stare in return. So I reminded her my total was twelve dollars and some… my change should be closer to eight bucks.

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I bought a new iPod

So, after 5 years of hard use my venerable old 40-gig 4th-gen iPod finally went teats up (in the Canadian rockies, on vacation… great timing). It was the best music player I ever owned, and there have been many (anyone wanna buy a gently used minidisc player?). Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the iPod let me haul around a sizeable chunk of my music collection and it looked good doing it. With an iTrip it also became a portable radio station – which came in pretty handy on several vacations. But it started stuttering and hanging up on me (kinda like an old girlfriend), requiring a sharp rap to bring it back to its senses (also much like, oh, never mind…) But I digress. The 4-G has been retired in favor of a new 160-gig iPod Classic – which will haul around my entire music collection and then some. Now THAT’S cool.

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I am in awe

Short post today. I’m in awe of the creativity to conceive this site, and the talent to build it. Well done – check it out, and explore some of the menu items for more coolness.


The best chicken-fried steak ever

We all have at least one culinary guilty pleasure… admit it. Mine is chicken-fried steak. Bad chicken-fried steak is like eating a breaded and deep fried mudflap, but when you find a good one… well, it’s heaven on a plate. With real mashed potatoes (no fries, please) and rich, thick and peppery sausage gravy on the side. Purists may argue the gravy needs to be *over* the steak, but I say nay nay. With kitchen-applied gravy the crispy breading gets all soggy before you’re half done. I prefer to be in control of the gravy delivery process and thus enjoy my crispy breading right to the end.

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