I was going to title this page ‘F.A.Q.’ (Frequently Asked Questions, for you non-techies) but really… there are no questions about me or this site which are asked frequently by anyone. I’m sure questions, if any, are seldom asked, so I went with ‘About’ as it’s more accurate. Not that I strive for accuracy… anything you read here could be the truth, complete bullshit, or somewhere in between.

Why a blog? 
It appeals to my inner narcissist.  Well, that and; First, I built this site using Wordpress – which is less a website platform and more a content management system. Plus it’s open source (free) with tons of plugins to add functionality. I’m using Wordpress for other sites I’m building and have built, so this is kind of my testbed. Second, as long as I am reasonably diligent about posting, it’ll keep the content from becoming stale… and as we all know when it comes to websites, content is king. Static content is boring and you won’t come back. A blog allows people to leave comments and interact with an idea – I’m hoping this will keep things moving along.

Why are some pages restricted?
That feature was requested by family members, and they’re right. While personally I don’t care who sees my photos and other info, it crosses a personal and professional privacy line for others. Believe it or not, there are people out there in the intertubes who use information inappropriately… that’s not what this site is for, so we needed boundries. However, we want our family and friends to be able to easily share our photo galleries and other pages – hence the login screen. If you care enough to want a login, please contact me – if I know you I’ll be happy to oblige. If you’re a stalker, well, sorry about that.

What’s up with the subscription thingy in the sidebar?
If by some outside chance you’re *that* interested in what I have to say, you can sign up to be automatically notified by email whenever I post a new blog entry. If and when you’ve had enough, it’s easy to unsubscribe too – the process is fully automated.

What happened to the guest book page?
Frankly, it was embarrassing because I never got it to work right – which made it look like I had no friends. Well, that part could be true.

What happened to the ‘news’ page?
Well, this is a blog… it’s all news. Anything you need to know about will be in a blog post, and news shouldn’t be a static page anyhow… otherwise it’s ‘olds’.

Can I still get a donison.com email address?
Sure, if you ask nicely. Here’s why you might want one.

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