Links to other sites I like.

If you would like me to link to your site please let me know.


Awesome news site with a twist…
Unfettered Photos My favorite photo art site, of course! Go there. Now. Seriously.
The Onion Always funny, always irreverent – bring your sense of humor or else. 
Snopes The go-to place for fact checking of internet & email stories, urban legends, etc. 
Wikipedia The online resource for almost anything you want to know 
Lee Donison Bio My dad’s online bio at the Saskatoon library – lists his many sports accomplishments 
Donison Law Firm Website for Pamela’s firm, if you’re interested
Bella Vida Vineyard Owned by our friends Steve & Allison Whiteside – we can vouch for their excellent wine!
Atlas Sky Maps The best satellite photo site I have ever seen – click the ‘Atlas’ button and have fun.
WorldWide Telescope  If you like astronomy, you will love this. Requires a 20 mb download but SO worth it.
Wired Magazine Cool site for all technology-related news
Gizmodo News and reviews of new technology and just plain geeky stuff. I love it. 
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