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So – why would you want a donison.com email address? To be cool, for one reason – what’s cooler than having your name as your email address? Well, I guess Italian supercars, private jets, black AmEx cards and supermodel sidekicks are all way cooler, but a personalized email address is at least somewhere on the coolness scale. Another, more valid reason is that it would be static and presumably never change – even if you change service providers. That alone is pretty convenient… how many times have you had to change email addresses? It’s a pain.

How do you get one? Well, if you ask nicely I will create one for you, which would be someemailaddress@donison.com. You would then need to retrieve, but not necessarily send, all your email through my mail server.* This would mean a couple of minor changes to your email configuration – which can be scary if you’re not a techie-type. Depending on your email client, this is found in your Tools or Options menu setup, or if you’re using Outlook, under E-mail Accounts. Oh, and I recommend writing down any existing settings before you change them, just in case…

Your “pop3″ (incoming) server would need to be “mail.donison.com”. This could also be your SMTP (outgoing) server too, although some ISP’s (like mine…) are a little cranky about allowing third-party mail servers. If so, you can continue to use theirs and nobody would ever know. You would also have to change the setting for your email address – this is the address people see when they get an email from you, and what gets used when they hit the ‘Reply’ button. Someday I might even have more detailed instructions on how to alter Outlook and/or Outlook Express, since they seem to be the most popular mail clients.

Oh, and you would also have webmail access, so you can log in anywhere from a browser and send/receive email.

* When I say “my” email server, no, it’s not a box under my desk that I turn off at night. It’s in a state-of-the-art data center, run by professionals¬† who do this for a living.

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