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WTF happened here?

What’s going on with the ever-popular, you might ask? Welcome to the fourth or fifth iteration of my little vanity site. I’m going with a blog format to try and keep the content fresh, since a static site is no fun and as useless as a dead armadillo. Well, strictly speaking that’s not true… I have a picture of a dead armadillo nursing a beer can that makes me chuckle every time (oh, lighten up PETA), whereas a stale site is good for one visit only.  I’m using Wordpress this time around, which you can read more about in the ‘About’ page. It’ll be much easier to maintain and update, and there are hundreds of plugins which can extend its functionality – several of which I’m using now and you don’t even know it.

Great, you’re thinking… another blog. Just what the world needs. In the words of the late great Richard Jeni – a big steaming pile of me. Well, deal with it. I’ll be writing about anything I find interesting and/or relevant, including my general opinion on things, technical stuff like web development, Wordpress, current events, whatever.

If you’re wondering why certain parts of the site are restricted, you can thank creepy people who stick their nose where it doesn’t belong – in other words, people who wreck it for everyone. No worries – if you want access, just ask and I’ll give you a login. If for any reason I don’t think you should have access, then you won’t get it. Simple. And it will keep certain family members happy which will make my life much more pleasant in the long run.

So… you’re here, may as well look around. If you come back – great. If not, it’s probably my fault.

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